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The company logo is represented by an ancient clay head of Etruscan origin representing the Greek god Dionysus and dating from the fourth century B.C., discovered near the city of Volterra.
God of wine, particularly linked to the vital lymph and to the liberation of the senses, it is the perfect representation of what the Caiarossa wines transmit. The name of Caiarossa was coined as a homage to the soil, which is characterized by the presence of jasper, rock and pebbles intensely red in color. 
The  story of Caiarossa began in 1998, with the principles of organic agriculture for the cultivation of the vineyards and that of geo-dynamics and the oriental discipline of Feng Shui. But it was in the year 2004, when it was acquired by Eric Albada Jelgersma, that Cairossa entered the world of quality wine thanks to the decades of experience which this family had acquired with two Grands Crus Classés in Margaux, Bordeaux, Château Giscours and Château du Tertre.
Inspired by geo-dynamic studies and by the principles of Feng Shui, the cellars were designed by the arcitect Michael Bolle and constructed utilizing precisely these precepts in the choice of forms, materials, colors, and exposure.
The natural hillside sloping of the site made it possible to develop a four-level structure which allows fermentation to take place by free-fall, using solely the force of gravity. This fermentation technique, which eliminates the mechanical alteration of the crop which occurs with pumping, helps avoid damage to the berries and preserves most of  their aromas and flavors.
The external part of the cellars appears to the eye as an intense red in color and, in addition to recalling the color of the soil, symbolizes the virtues of force, passion, and concentration. The large glass panels on the sides of the structure allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the building from dawn to dusk and offer, thanks to the warm tenuous yellow of the interior walls, which amplify the luminosity, a natural illumination,  a source of light which is indispensable for human psychic and physical health. The entrance, located in the yellowest, warmest, and most tenuous part of the walls, amplifying their luminosity, looks eastwards to where the sun rises, and opens to a long balcony which overlooks the lower levels below.
The barrel cellar offers other poetic views. First and foremost the color red  which, once again,  ties this space to the soil outside the walls. In the center of the room, an opening of the floor is directly connected to the terrain below by sounds which serve to discharge electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.  The temperature and humidity are constantly monitored to assure perfect conditions for the aging of the wine in the barrels. A natural ventilation, in addition, is guaranteed by a system of openings which connect to the outside.
The main wines produced at Caiarossa are: The pergolaia (from sangiovese, merlot and cabernet grapes) , the Aria di Caiarossa (from shirah, merlot and cabernet grapes), the Caiarossa (from 8 different grapes, incl. sangiovese, cabernet, shirah, petit verdot, alicante, et el.), the Caiarossa Banco (from chardonnay and voignier grapes) and the Oro di Caiarossa (a sweet wine from passito Petit Manseng grapes).
Wine tasting in this winery is an unforgettable experience and requires a reservation ; please call Robberta Palma at 058-699016 or send her an emil at [email protected]
The address is Serra all'Olio 59, Riparbella -Pisa. More information available on the website
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