Cantine Leonardo da Vinci
Via Provinciale di Mercatale 291, Vinci; [email protected]

Leonardo da Vinci Winery was founded in 1961 when thirty small winegrowers decided to combine forces in order to share their passion for winemaking and the costs of building a single cellar to produce wine from the red and white grapes in this territory.
When the winery was founded in Vinci, in the Chianti winegrowing area in the heart of Tuscany, it only consisted of 70 hectares of vineyards. Over the last fifty years the cooperative has expanded enormously.
Leonardo da Vinci Winery today is a cooperative of nearly 200 partners sharing the objective of guaranteeing the highest quality of the grapes delivered to the winery.
Breathe in the fragrance of the wine as you trace the journey made by the grapes inside Leonardo da Vinci Winery, from their vinification to their ageing, before being bottled and finally poured into the glass, with a tasting of the wines produced in the DalleVigne wine shop. A tour targeting all those, enthusiasts or merely the curious, who would like to discover the “secrets” behind the production of red and white wines.
This winery organizes wine tasting experiences you do not want to miss, combining their wide selection of wines with local delicious dishes. These special events require you to make a reservation calling the number 0571-902444 and asking of Lorenzo Danielli ([email protected]). For more information on this winery go to the website:

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