August 10th, 2017. In the small town of Carmignano, near Artimino, during the night of the falling stars, there is a famous wine tasting event: "the goblets of stars" (i calici delle stelle). In the olive garden of the Carmignano Castle local chefs and winemakers offer food and wine, while music and art shows make the evening very entertaining.


Il Calcio Storico, Firenze
Florence Calcio Storico (costume football), the famous Florentine traditional football that dates from the Renaissance and takes place on 18, 19 and 24 June, 2015 the first two dates being confirmed on Easter Sunday. Dates for 2015: 18,19 and the final on 24 June, saint's day for the patron saint of Florence, St. John the Baptist. Four teams originating from each of the traditional city districts participate in the tournament: Blue for S. Croce, Green for S. Giovanni, Red for S. Maria Novella, and White for S. Spirito. All of the players are dressed in mediaeval breeches. There are 27 players on each team which means that matches can by fairly violent given the large number of players. Rules are minimal, so that almost anything is allowed to get hold of the ball and score a 'caccia'.