NOTTOLA & the Noble Wine of Montepulciano

Nottola Estate is located on a wonderful hill dominating the Val di Chiana, inside the precious wine area where the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano has been produced  for more than 1000 years.At the end of the 80s, this estate was bought from the Marchesi Antinori by the Giomarelli family. Since then, new vineyards were planted and a new wine cellar was built, while important restorations took place for the Villa Bracci as well as the other surrounding  buildings.
Then the partnership with the enologist Riccardo Cotarella started , leading to the creation of wines with a well-defined character. First of all, we need to mention obviously the Vino Nobile and its outstanding Riserva, then the Chianti of the Hills of Siena, the Le Tre Vigne  and the Anterivo (both with merlot and sangiovese), the Nottolino (Sangiovese Prugnolo gentile) and  the Pergloria (a white wine made from Vermentino and Pinot Blanc); finally it is mandatory to mention the delicious Vinsanto produced at Nottola, with Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Malvasia grapes.
Wine tasting unforgettable experiences can be arranged, but reservation is needed: call Alfredo Biagi at 0578-708549 or send him an email  at [email protected]
The address is:  Localita' Bivio di Nottola 9/A on SS.326 in Montepulciano.
More information available at [email protected]
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