Our Journey
The journey, departing from Pisa Airport, will visit the following sites:
1. Cantine Leonardo .  Located in Vinci, the small own made famous by Leonardo, this winery produces, among other wines, an outstanding Chianti , typical of the hills between Pisa and Florence

2. Villa di Artimino . This winery is located in an old villa owned by the Medici family and produces a special red wine, called Carmignano.
3. Cantina La Mormoraia . Located near San Gimignano, this winery produces an excellent Vernaccia.
4. Tenuta Guicciardini-Strozzi . This winery, located between San Gimignano and Siena, has been producing Vernaccia and  Chianti since 994.
5. Cantina di Fonterutoli Located in Castellina,  in the center of the historical area producing the Chianti Classico,  this winery produces also many other outstanding red wines.
6. Podere di Pomaio .   This winery is very young (founded in 2009) and produce a typical Chianti from the hills around Arezzo. They also have one of the best Rose' wines.
7. Cantina di Nottola . This winery produces the  Vino Nobile , a red wine from the vineyards surrounding the medieval hilltown of Montepulciano.



8. Cantina di Montalcino . This winery produces an excellent Brunello, a world famous red wine produced in the vineyards surrounding the town of Montalcino located south of Siena.

9. Cantina Terenzi .  Located near Scansano, this winery is famous for its Morellino, a red wine tipical of this area, called Maremma. They also produce a great Vermentino.

10. Rocca di Frassinello This winery, located near Gavorrano, is the result of an interesting joint-venture beween italian and french winemakers: the wines they produce ( Supertuscans and Vermentino) deserve to be tasted

11. Cantina Petra .   Located near Suvereto, the winery Petra produces Supertuscans and it is a great example of modern approach to winemaking.

12. Cantina Caiarossa .  Located near the town of Riparbella, this winery produces many wines ( Supertuscans) applying only biodynamic agiculture.

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