Cantina Terenzi and the Morellino

The winery Terenzi was created in 2001and now owns 60 hectares of vineyards.
A modern and functional cellar of 3,000 square meters built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, employing the most modern technologies to achieve the high quality of the wines while respecting the environment.
We do recommend a wine tasting experience in this winery because of the rich variety of truly special wines.
First of all , obviously, the Morellino di Scansano Terenzi; what a morellino!!!!!!
Then two white wines: the Balbino (made from vermentino grapes) and the Montedonico (made from Viognier grapes).
Then two traditional red wines: the Purosangue and the Madrechiesa; both made from ssangiovese grapes, but from different vineyards; taste the difference!
Then two red wines pretty untraditional fror Tuscany: the Bramaluce (made from sangiovese and Syrah grapes) and the Francesca Romana (made from merlot, petiti verdot and cebernet grapes).
Finally a sweet white wine, the Petit Manseng Passito.
As you can see , a wide selection of wines, to be combined with local traditional food for a unique wine tasting experience. Make a reservation by callingArianna De Santis at  0564-599601 or send her an email at [email protected]
The address is: localita' Montedonico, Scansano (GR) 
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